We have a continuing domestic dispute here at Parklands Avenue.  Keith has decided the perfect spot for cultivating the oxalis triangular is on the island bench in MY kitchen.  One or two were OK but they seem to multiply daily - soon I will have no work space left.  There is a solution of course - dine out.



We were thrilled to be nominated and award a community service sward for our Huge Plant Sale.  Although we both get a great personal satisfaction in preparing for and running the sales, it was nice to get this wider recognition.  I suppose everyone likes their nine minutes of fame!


White FACED Heron

We had an interesting visitor to our garden recently.  He first appeared on the verge, but the next couple of days ventured into the garden.  Then disappeared and has not returned since



Well its over and was a huge success.  In total we raised $11,000.00 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  On the day it seemed like there were thousands of customers, but probably really only hundreds.  There were quite a few waiting for the doors to open.  We had more plants than usual and in trying to get them all in it became quite a crush at times.  However, Jarita, our grand daughter, the family organiser in chief,  has redesigned the layout and next time there will be more room in the aisles.  The native tubestock we had got from Lane Cove Council Community nursery had grown on well and was very popular.

We are now busy searching out new plants to propagate, plus of course the old favourites.  We bought quite an interesting variety at the Collectors Plant Fair at Clarendon so hopefully we will have some of them available in October.  October 7th to be precise