Worm Tower

This weekend 19/20 August we put in another worm tower in the vegetable garden. We used to have a worm farm , but found diluting and bucketing the worm pee around the garden time consuming and tiring. Also removing the vermicompost can be a very messy business, so we now use worm towers.


Worm towers are simple to make and use. Take a piece of 15cm diameter plastic PVC piping and cut it into a 40cm length. Drill 4 vertical rows of 8mm holes about 15cm in length. Dig a hole deep enough to bury 80 - 90% of the tower, holes side down and cap it off with an inverted terracotta flower pot saucer. This will keep out the rain and any unwanted intruders.

Start with a bedding layer of straw or shredded newspaper together with some vegetable scraps. Add some compost worms and regularly feed them. Avoid onions or citrus, they are fussy eaters.

These wonderful creatures will multiply and munch away to provide soil enriching compost in a few months. Meanwhile the worm pee is slowly leeching through the holes and nourishing your garden. When the tower is full of worm compost slide it out and transfer it to another spot. Dig the worm compost into the soil around it and plant some hungry vegetable seedlings. You can buy compost worms at your local nursery and a worm tower at the Huge Plant Sale.