We, and anyone else we can get to help, are currently fighting a battle with a lone brush turkey.  We are used to seeing them in the neighbourhood, but not in our garden.  We came home on Saturday, from a wonderful shopping morning at the Kariong Plant Lovers Fair, to find he had decided to move in.  He had already built a mound about half a metre high.  To do this he had scratched a deep path through the mulch, plants and soil to about 20 metres away. 

P1030714 2.JPG

Off to Bunnings for some chicken wire.  Rake the soil and mulch back where it came from and where the heap was, peg down some chicken wire.  All this did was divert him from his chosen path to another.  More chicken wire, but with all the shrubs and trees around, it is well nigh impossible to chicken wire the whole garden.  The only thing that sends him away is a jet of water from the hose. but he's soon back.  Tried putting the radio on and leaving it there.  Seemed to work for a couple of hours, but then he's back.  We have placed as many obstacles in his path as we can find, but mostly he just works around them.  Now he's attacking on 2 fronts, the side garden and the front garden.  The front garden appears to be his location of choice so we are concentrating our efforts there.  Someone suggested balloons.  They don't work, he just wanders among them.  Probably thinks we are throwing him a Moving In party.  

Our latest deterrent is a scarecrow.  Short of camping out there with a hose we are at a loss what to do next.  Any great ideas out there